Joining the Club

As requests for membership exceed availability, the Club maintains an Associate Member Waitpool. For more information or to add your name to the waitpool, please view the Lombard Swim Club Associate Waitpool Application.

Associate Membership

New and returning Associate members are offered membership based on availability for the season. Following the annual offering, Associate members must submit payment and all requested information by the deadline set for that year in order to hold their spot. Associate members have no voting rights or other interest in the Club and are subject to its policies, rules, and regulations. Associate members who wish not to join the Club in a given year without permanently losing their spot must follow the hiatus policy below.

Becoming a Certificate Holder

Associates who have been seasonal members for at least three consecutive years can request by email to be placed in the Certificate Holder Waitpool. The Board of Directors decides when and how many certificates to offer. The terms of the offer will be provided if and when an offer is made. Certificate sales are only offered to Associates in good standing and are subject to Board approval. While the Waitpool is maintained in chronological order, the Board, in conjunction with Management, may make offers that are out of sequence.

Associate members who have been on an approved hiatus within three years of an offering will be skipped during that offering, but maintain their position in the waitpool for subsequent offers.

Associate members who have taken two or more approved hiatuses within the last seven years will be moved to the bottom of the waitpool as of October 1st of the most recent year they were members.

Certificate Holder Privileges

Certificate Holders have made a capital contribution to the Club. As such, they have privileges and responsibilities pertaining to the Club that arise from the By-Laws and Board decisions. Some of the privileges include the ability to vote to amend Club By-Laws, approve annual budgets, elect new Board members, and to run for a seat on the Board in any year in which they join the Club for the season. Certificate Holders also have the right to purchase a seasonal membership at any time,* regardless of prior membership status or total membership. Certificate Holders have the right to attend the Club as their own guest if they have not joined as a seasonal member, provided they comply with the Club’s rules and policies. Responsibilities of Certificate Holders include paying assessments, appropriately approved by the Board and Certificate Holders. The right of any Certificate Holder to attend a meeting in person at the Club does not supersede any rules, policies, or decisions of the Club that pertain to entry onto the Club premises or otherwise. In the event that a Certificate Holder is not eligible to enter the Club, the Club will attempt, but not guarantee, to make remote participation options available.

At any time, Certificate Holders may apply to purchase a new certificate for, or request transfer of their certificate to, the following adult family members: child (including in-law), grandchild, sibling, parent, spouse, or domestic partner.

While governance privileges are dictated by the Club By-Laws, membership privileges are determined by the Board and can be changed at any time by the Board.

*Certificate Holders wishing to retain their locker from the previous season must join in advance of Opening Day.

Associate Hiatus Policy

Associate members who wish not to join the Club in a given year without permanently losing their spot must submit a request for a hiatus in writing no later than the deadline announced by the Club each year. A hiatus is a one-season break in membership. Associates are permitted to take up to two hiatuses in any seven-year period without Board approval.  Hiatus requests within these parameters are reviewed and approved by Management. Special requests are reviewed by the Membership Committee.

A hiatus is not required if at least one adult in the household rejoins as a member. Any member of a household who does not join in a season may rejoin in the following season in accordance with the Membership Adjustments Policy. A $300 Administrative Fee is applied to each rejoining adult —whether after an approved hiatus or when rejoining their household’s membership.

Membership Adjustments Policy

A membership adjustment is the addition or removal of individuals in a household application. Membership adjustment requests must be made in writing no later than the deadline announced by the Club each year, and such requests are subject to review and approval of the Club. Individuals who are added to a household application must live at the applicant’s address. Documentation of co-residency is required for adult additions; birthdates are required for child additions. A $300 Administrative Fee applies to each Associate Adult who was not a member in the prior season, regardless of membership history.

Application of these membership rules remain subject to applicable provisions of the current By-Laws of Lombard Swim Club, as may be amended.

2024 Seasonal Dues

Certificate Adult

18 years and older as of opening day $1,035

Certificate Child

under 18 years as of opening day $710

Associate Adult

18 years and older as of opening day $1,770

Associate Child

under 18 years as of opening day $1,125

No Cost Child

children born in the current calendar year are complimentary $0

Nanny Pass

13 years and older; permits attendance at the Club with parent $1,240

Sitter Pass

13 years and older; prohibits attendance at the Club with parent $440