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Attention Members

Application Invoices for the 2017 season are being sent in early December 2016.

Dues Payment Info and Options:

By mail ANYTIME enclose check or credit card info.

Dues Days- pay in person at the Club. Dates and times will be posted and emailed.

Online- pay via PayPal online as of JAN. 1st

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LSC closed for 2016

LSC is closed for the 2016 season :( If you would like information on membership, please review the information under the ... Read More

Opt-Out of Snail Mail

If you would like to opt-out of receiving (snail) mail from the Lombard Swim Club, please click here. By doing this, you agree to receive all Club communications via email, including your application.

EXCEPTION: Certificate holder material and election ballots will continue to be mailed.

Daily Restaurant Specials

December 09, 2016
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