Two Important Updates for Wednesday, September 8

Dear Friends at the Pool,
 I am down at the Shore on vacation, and planned to come to the Club this evening for Coffee and Conversation. Last week, technical difficulties resulted in re-scheduling for tonight. I enjoyed Coffee and Conversation when I did it two years ago, and there wasn’t much that would stop me from coming tonight. However, the major storm that is due to hit Philadelphia early this evening sounds dangerous, and I would hate to have anyone go out in this bad weather. So please accept my apologizes for cancelling tonight. I will be happy to re-schedule before the pool closes for the season. Thanks for wanting me to speak at the LSC, and stay safe tonight.
 Ed Rendell
Pool and Pool Deck Closure Update
The Main Pool and pool deck and the kiddie pool and deck will open at 1:30 pm.
The delayed opening is in response to the fecal incident yesterday and sanitization treatment of the pools for safe swimming.
As a result of the delayed opening, today's Aquacize class is cancelled.